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ElectronicMusicFever's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 38 (From 8 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 620 Points

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Key Puncher Unlocked 6/18/09
25 Points
Complete first 5 levels.
Systems Analyst Unlocked 6/18/09
25 Points
Complete first 9 levels.
PROgrammer 50 Points Complete Lighbot.

Medals Earned: 2/3 (50/100 points)


First Bomb Unlocked 8/29/13
5 Points
Explode your first bomb
First Bounce Unlocked 8/29/13
5 Points
Bounce for the first time
Half Game Unlocked 8/29/13
5 Points
Finish 5 levels from game
Game Complete Unlocked 8/29/13
10 Points
Finish the game
One Bomb Game Unlocked 8/29/13
10 Points
Finish all levels using one bomb
Min Bounce 25 Points Finish the game with minimum bouncing

Medals Earned: 5/6 (35/60 points)

Gretel and Hansel

Baby Steps Unlocked 10/25/09
5 Points
Make Gretel walk for the first time.
Slingshot Breakfast Unlocked 10/25/09
5 Points
Obtain the slingshot
Bitch Slap Unlocked 10/25/09
10 Points
Shoot mom in the face
Sucked Dry Unlocked 10/25/09
10 Points
Get Spider Death
Time is Running Out Unlocked 10/25/09
10 Points
Get the clock
Electra Complex Unlocked 10/26/09
25 Points
Get Dad Carriage Death
Gretel Unit Unlocked 10/25/09
25 Points
Take 200 shots with the slingshot
Here is Mommy! Unlocked 10/25/09
25 Points
Get Axe Death
Kain Unlocked 10/25/09
25 Points
Kill Hansel
Pest Removal Unlocked 10/25/09
25 Points
Trap the squirrel
The Flamer Unlocked 10/26/09
25 Points
Get Fire Death
Clockspert Unlocked 10/25/09
50 Points
Solve clock puzzle
Get Stoned Unlocked 10/25/09
50 Points
Get all 10 stones
Pop, Rock and Drop It Unlocked 10/25/09
50 Points
Drop all ten stones
Honey Horror 10 Points Get Bee Death
Kiss That Cyuke 25 Points Get Rabbit Death
Pecking Order 25 Points Get Crow Death
Grimm Master 100 Points Get all 10 deaths

Medals Earned: 14/18 (340/500 points)


Beat Level 7 Unlocked 1/15/13
5 Points
So you've figured out how the game works..
Beat Level 13 Unlocked 1/15/13
10 Points
That's the easy part out of the way.
Make a level 5 Points Get creative with the level editor
"Invest" 2 hours in the game 10 Points All things in moderation. Especially breaks, don't want to overdo it with those.
Beat Level 17 10 Points That was the small-scale stuff. Literally.
Beat Level 24 25 Points Onto the elite four! Spoiler: there's a fifth. I hated when that happened in the Pokemon games.
Beat Level 28 25 Points Nearly there, two more to go! Hexagons probably aren't high up on your list of favorite shapes right now.
Complete HEXEP 50 Points Nice!

Medals Earned: 2/8 (15/140 points)

Invisible Runner

EARLY DEATH Unlocked 2/10/10
5 Points
Lose a life on the second level.
SHISH KEBAB Unlocked 2/10/10
10 Points
Lose a life on the stakes.
SPARKLING DEATH Unlocked 2/10/10
10 Points
Die electrocuted
30,000 POINTS 25 Points Achieve 30,000 points
50,000 POINTS 50 Points Achieve 50,000 points
GAME COMPLETED 50 Points Finish all 25 levels
INVISIBILITY 50 Points Finish level 19 without using the visibility item.
3 LIVES 100 Points Finish all 25 levels using only your first three lives.
75,000 POINTS 100 Points Achieve 75,000 points
INVISIBLE MEDAL 100 Points Find the invisible medal somewhere in the game

Medals Earned: 3/10 (25/500 points)

Miami Shark

Apache Unlocked 10/27/09
25 Points
Crush the Apache Helicopter
Mini Unlocked 10/27/09
25 Points
Crush the Mini-Helictopter
Sheriff Unlocked 10/27/09
25 Points
Crush the Sheriff-Helicopter
LearJet 25 Points Crush the Lear Jet
B2 50 Points Crush the B-2 Spirit
B52 50 Points Crush the B-52 Fortress
B747 50 Points Crush the Boeing 747
Beluga 50 Points Crush the Airbus Beluga
Concorde 50 Points Crush the Concorde
Ducks 50 Points Kill 15 Ducks
Sailor 50 Points Crush 95 Sailing Yachts
SpaceShuttle 50 Points Crush the Space Shuttle

Medals Earned: 3/12 (75/500 points)

Talesworth Adventure Ep.1

A Novice No More Unlocked 8/1/10
5 Points
Solve every medium (teal) room
Noob Test Unlocked 7/30/10
5 Points
Solve every easy (blue) room
True Adventurer 10 Points Solve every challenging (red) room
Warrior Proper 10 Points Solve every hard (purple) room
Glutton for Punishment 25 Points Solve every bonus (green) room
Purveyor of Finery 25 Points Collect all 25 gems located throughout the castle
Hoard the Hoard 50 Points Slay the Talesworth Dragon and obtain his hoard
Thinking Things Through 50 Points Complete the game using 5 or less Resets

Medals Earned: 2/8 (10/180 points)

Windows XP Errors 2

Browser Unlocked 5/22/13
5 Points
View the Internet
Forever Alone Unlocked 5/22/13
5 Points
Find the 'Forever Alone' Image
Prototype Unlocked 5/22/13
5 Points
Find out if YOUGLE is unfinished.
Energy Waster Unlocked 5/22/13
10 Points
Turn on... Turn off..
Internet Love Unlocked 5/22/13
10 Points
Read a message about meeting someone up.
YOU! Unlocked 5/22/13
10 Points
Find the secret Image
Backstage Unlocked 5/22/13
25 Points
View the Behind the Scene stuff.
Gallery 50 Points View ALL the errors

Medals Earned: 7/8 (70/120 points)